ANA offers bonus points for new San Jose route

September 21, 2012

ANA has announced a promotion celebrating the launch of their Tokyo – San Jose route, due to begin flying on January 11, 2013. The promo is not particularly rich – most ANA bonuses are not – but if you’re going to be flying the route may as well collect as many points as you can, right?


Business class passengers will get an extra 2000 points flying the San Jose – Tokyo flight; economy passengers will earn 1000 extra points. Additionally, buying via ANA’s US website will earn 1000 more points. Passengers on the inaugural flight will earn 1075 points on top of the other bonuses.

Of note, the bonus only applies for US-based members of the program, only applies in the one direction and only for flights issued in North America and originating in North America. The fine print also suggests that there must be a return flight on ANA metal on or prior to 15 April 2013. That’s strange given that the promo only credits in one direction but that’s what is required.

Registration prior to travel is also required to get the bonus.

There is similar route-launch promos available for the new second daily frequency between Tokyo and New York City as well.

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