DLD 146: Bad timing in so many ways

on 6-16-2017

How do you fight the clock against viral media? And is there ever really a good time for international action that isolates a country? Plus a new long Dreamliner route and animals on planes.

DLD 145: Gaming the games in casino loyalty

on 6-08-2017

Loyalty isn’t just about hotels and airlines. Casinos run some of the largest and must lucrative programs out there. And, not surprisingly, there are people who like to play that game just like those who play the travel game.

DLD 142: 3-2-1 Liftoff!

on 5-18-2017

There is something incredible about watching a rocket lift off headed towards space. Seth was in Cape Canaveral to see the most Recent SpaceX launch and is joined by special guest Howard Slutsken to talk about the experience.

DLD 141: Growth, Bans and an un-Ban

on 5-11-2017

Are more electronics bans coming? And why can the general public now buy in on a crazy charter route. More growth at SFO, a whoopsie on Air Force 1 and a Gogo giveaway, too!

DLD 140: Insert Title Here

on 5-04-2017

Lots of topics this week but no title for the show…hopefully you’re willing to listen anyways.