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DLD 159: Stop being such a slacker

How do you stay healthy on the road? You probably don't, and that makes you a slacker. But we've got a guest this week talking about how to be better about such things. C'mon in! Read More
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DLD 158: Backing off Basic + LCC Cash Concerns

Come fly across the Atlantic with the crew on an LCC (in Y!) and talk about United's newly revised A350 order, the evolution of Basic Economy and many US airlines scaling back revenue hopes for 2017. Read More
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DLD 156: Got Milk Runs?

Some of the best AvGeek routes in the USA come courtesy of the Alaska Airlines "Milk Run" hops throughout Alaska. Come along for the ride in this week's episode! Read More
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DLD 155: Georgia on our minds

We've got two guests on the show this week to talk about Georgia (the country, not the state), Azerbaijan, and all sort of other fun bits. Nudity, massages and a bonus bit about Taipei and Andorra round out the show. Read More
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