DLD 121: Deals and Destinations with The Flight Deal

on 10-13-2016

We’ve got Matthew Ma from www.TheFlightDeal.com on the show and we’re talking all about deals, including how they find them and how they choose which ones to share. Also, do deals really even matter to destinations?

DLD120: Who shall fly and who shall fold

on 9-29-2016

Europe’s aviation market is a bit of a mess, with Monarch on the cusp of closing and Air Berlin making major changes. SPG & Marriott are merged and Fozz books a flight on air!

DLD 119: A Moving Dot

on 9-15-2016

ANA’s 787s are up for a massive engine replacement project, making the aircraft type the “dot” in this week’s episode. And lots of other airlines might be affected by similar issues. New 787 routes and significant shifts coming to American’s TATL route map in the coming months.

DLD 118: Hola Cuba

on 9-08-2016

Last week saw the restoration of commercial air service between the US and Cuba after a 55 year hiatus. We were on board and recorded this episode with guest Cynthia Drescher while on the ground in Santa Clara, Cuba.

DLD 117: Just How Premium??

on 9-01-2016

How premium is that Premium Economy? Air New Zealand is making changes and some are not happy. Iceland adventures, LAX growing and more in this episode!

DLD 116: A fantastical farewell flight

on 8-18-2016

A farewell flight on Thai Airways punctuated the difference between it and Lufthansa for this episode’s special guest, Josh Zepps. Plus, a new terminal in Orlando and some of the crazy that comes from visiting India.

DLD 115: The New(ark) World Order

on 8-04-2016

Newark Airport is about to get a whole bunch more flights, and we’re not so sure that’s a good thing. London City Airport will also grow and Thai Airways is looking to return to the USA.

DLD114: Faroe, Faro and Farnborough

on 7-21-2016

Obscure city pairs on a helicopter? Out of the way airports to ease immigration? Airshow updates? We’ve got all that and more in this week’s show!

DLD 113: Walking in Airports

on 7-07-2016

It isn’t always about the planes. Well, I mean it is, but occasionally other bits creep in to the conversation, too.