DLD114: Faroe, Faro and Farnborough

on 7-21-2016

Obscure city pairs on a helicopter? Out of the way airports to ease immigration? Airshow updates? We’ve got all that and more in this week’s show!

DLD 113: Walking in Airports

on 7-07-2016

It isn’t always about the planes. Well, I mean it is, but occasionally other bits creep in to the conversation, too.

DLD 112: Ultra-long Competition

on 6-23-2016

When the fourth longest route in the world suddenly has direct competition something crazy is happening in the industry. Or, you know, airlines gonna airline.

DLD 111: When You Wish Upon A Star

on 6-09-2016

Do you make a wish when you see the North Star? Do they come true? Do you wish that United would have chosen a different theme for naming its new premium cabin offering launching in December of this year? That’s just one of the many topics we’ve got in this week’s DLD episode.

DLD 110: She’s on a boat!

on 5-26-2016

Plane people talking about the a cruise ship?? You betcha! We’re also talking about Air India, Northern Japan and Lukla, Nepal with special guest Cynthia Drescher on this week’s show.

DLD 109: Lost and Found

on 5-19-2016

Has Delta found a new recipe for international growth? Have we discovered the secret to a great stay in the French Quarter? Will a new LCC alliance in Asia make travel even easier? Believe it or not, we’ve got some thoughts on these topics and more in this week’s show.

DLD 108: Haneda, Helena and Hot Air

on 4-28-2016

Applications for Haneda slots are in from the US airlines and St. Helena is almost ready to open. Austin, Texas is on the docket as it more Mint-y freshness from JetBlue.

DLD 107: The Future is Here @ AIX 2016

on 4-14-2016

We’re in Hamburg this week with a crew of special guests at the Aircraft Interiors Expo, talking about the good and bad we saw and what the future of commercial air travel will be.