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DLD 165: Ch-ch-ch-changes

Everything is changing, from routes to aircraft types to terminals to award charts. And there's a good reason it is happening now. Plus, concerts on planes and a major airport expansion on the horizon. Read More
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DLD 164: A Stupid LCC Play

There's something particularly strange about building an itinerary just to fly 4 different LCCs in 2 days in Japan. That's what we have Seth for. Plus, a 767 renaissance, LGA shuffles, SFO air art and more. Read More
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DLD 163.5: You’re so (Trip In) Vain

A busted trip to Taiwan, busted Rolls Royce engines and an attempt to bust Boeing's bullying ways are on the agenda this episode. Plus Hawaii and the A330neo (again). Read More
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DLD 163: A whole neo world

The A330neo is really real. The plane flew for the first time today in Toulouse and we've got a report from the festivities. Plus lots of other fun chasing various aircraft across Europe. Read More
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DLD 162: The #PRCareLift

Hey, DLD listeners: We need your help, far more than just putting up with our regular ramblings (of which there are plenty in this episode). Read More
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DLD 161: A Grand Delusion

Maybe everyone isn't crazy and they just have really bad ideas, right? A couple bankruptcies and a couple investments, plus a pair of new routes that just might work. C'mon in. Read More
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