PointsHoarder 3 – The Value of Points (Airlines)

on 5-31-2012 in Podcast

Our third episode is all about the value of airline miles. Seth claims we beat around the bush a little, you be the judge.

The news covered in this episode includes the start of the Denver-Tokyo Narita route by United, the move by the city of Houston to allow Hobby airport to handle international traffic, and Delta picking up some Boeing 717s. And Seth has a little quiz for our listeners.

Length: 33 minutes

Show Notes

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  1. Just a quick note on the delta stuff – the 76 seaters would be cr9’s or e75s assuming they are configured to match existing equipment. The e70s and cr7s take 65-69. They don’t have anything between the 76 seat rjs and the 120 seat d95s, but can certainly pick about and capacity above that.

  2. The LH 747-8 inaugural and the JFK-HNL-JFK inaugurals on Hawaiian? What do I win?

  3. I eagerly await and enjoy the podcasts. I wouldn’t have minded a longer podcast if there was more specific information about different airlines frequent flyer programs and their pros and cons.

  4. Can you cover hotel points in a future podcast? I’m an infrequent traveler (1-3 trips per year), does it make sense to keep points in hotel programs, or link with a FF program and convert to miles?


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