DLD 133: Fighting for Small Town, USA

on 3-16-2017

Smaller US cities are seeing a resurgence in air service from the major carriers. Plus, Stephan’s favorite restaurant in Berlin is now also Seth’s favorite.

DLD 132: Paper Planes and Flying Turtles

on 3-09-2017

Boeing’s new paper plane sounds cool but will it every fly? We do know that ANA will have a turtle flying by the end of the decade. And Pittsburgh, because why not!?!

DLD 131: Domestic Considerations

on 3-02-2017

United has a brand new 77W with fancy new seats in business class. It also is adding a bunch of routes with CRJ-200s on domestic flights. Economy class travel is not so great.

DLD 129: zLA zLA Land

on 2-02-2017

This week’s episode is all about changes coming to flying in and around Los Angeles. Also, Iran Air is having fun with its new toy and airlines seem to struggle keeping systems online.

DLD 128: On the road again, Hamburg edition

on 1-19-2017

Tradition is important. In this case that tradition is drinking in Europe in the winter. And, as we have for several years now, recording an episode while in various stages of drunkenness. So here’s the 2017 edition from Hamburg… Dots Heathrow is where we started the show, with some interesting slot swaps coming between Delta and Croatia Airlnes Lines United is trimming service to Auckland and retiring its 747s faster than expected We all...

DLD 127: Slot Shuffle + Ocean Crossings

on 1-05-2017

Slots are shuffling once again and Southwest is the loser this time around. A new 31 mile island hop is sexy and the transatlantic market remains baffling.

DLD 126: The divorce is final; what about the kids?

on 12-22-2016

The Delta/Alaska Airlines divorce is final as Alaska secures its future with Virgin America. What does that mean for passengers? Plus Mexico City, Abu Dhabi and Denver all make the show this time around.

DLD 125: The Polaris Expedition

on 12-08-2016

First thoughts on United’s new Polaris soft product, American Airlines cutting back in Cuba, Norwegian growing in the USA and a trip to Taiwan are just a few of the fun bits in this week’s show.