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DLD 280: Alliance dalliances

A new alliance affiliation, a new secondary cities airline in the USA and unblocking EuroBiz middles: What does it all mean?!? Read More
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DLD 279a: Flying Breezy (fixed)

Is the US market ready for another commercial airline? Serial aviation founder David Neeleman is ready to give it another go, and Breeze hopes to fly later this year. Read More
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DLD 276: The Wuppertal* Episode

A quick getaway to Wuppertal was on the agenda this week. It vaguely worked, though none of the three hosts got to or fro exactly as planned. Read More
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DLD 275: Well-informed opinions

Live from London, we've got a special guest smart enough not to talk about things where he doesn't know what's going on. It was a very strange conversation on many levels. Read More
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DLD 272: Customer service is hard

Travel in India is hard. And when it goes sideways it can go really sideways. A mix of delays and cancellations this week brought that into stark relief and we're talking about it on the show. Read More
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