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DLD 245: Kiwi Dreams

New planes (787-10s), new union lawsuits (AA & DL) and new access to faster immigration lines (UK eGates) are just some of the exciting news in this week's show. Read More
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DLD 243: Smisek FTW!

Who is a strong airline leader these days? What are the qualities that it takes? And why do so many seem to do it so badly?? Read More
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DLD 241: Quiet anger

Can we talk about that new livery? Plus, more Mexico, SAS's strike and who really owns Hong Kong Airlines these days? Read More
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DLD 238: The AIX 2019 report

We're back in Hamburg for the 2019 edition of Aircraft Interiors Expo, talking about the new and fun developments in the industry and what passengers can look forward to flying with in the coming years. Read More
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