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DLD 312: In search of inaugurals

Booking inaugural routes is almost as fun as flying them, right?? Plus A321Ts parked, AirAsia Japan dying and United's November growth plans. Read More
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DLD 311: Farewell to the 580s

No, that's not a typo. We're mourning the loss of the Convair 580s from commercial service, now slated for next year, among many other things in this week's episode. Read More
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DLD 309: Let’s get Cranky!

The infamous Cranky Flier joins us this week to talk route planning, biz travel's collapse, and some fun with airport ratings. Read More
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DLD 308: Put a title here

Joint ventures are failing but does that mean the underlying businesses are screwed? And some serious long-haul route expansion coming, in theory, in the next 9ish months. Plus BER in trouble and the 787's tail is a mess. Read More
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DLD 305: Blergh

Can the TSA charge extra if you forget your ID? Plus a newly grounded fleet and new routes for Christmas! Read More
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