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DLD 254: Shut it down!

Sure, we can just close that airport for a few months. No big deal. And maybe close down tourism in a city, too. And close a hub while we're at it. Lots of fun stuff in this week's show! Read More
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DLD 253: That little Fokker

United teams up with Clear, Southwest leaves Newark and CapOne has a data breach. Plus, a new(ish) airline flying a pretty old little Fokker. Read More
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DLD 251: Widget Wishes

A new neo takes flight and old routes reopen. Plus a fancy first class cabin and WOW might make a comeback after all. Read More
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DLD 247: Relaxing on the Veranda

What goes into the design of an airport? How do architects bridge the gap between here and there? We've got a special guest talking about architecture and design choices on this week's show. Read More
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