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DLD 328: The thrill of the hunt

A mistake fare brought back some excitement we haven't felt in a long time, even if it eventually cancelled. Plus Iceland to Antarctica and much more! Read More
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DLD 327: Travel Traditions

Sometimes travel is about new and different adventures. Sometimes it is about repeating the most boring or ridiculous habits. And, when done right, it is often a great blend of both. We close out this week's episode with some discussion of travel souvenirs that we're constantly collecting, or at least that we did back when we traveled more. Read More
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DLD 326: Driven!

An aviation podcast talking about driving? Sometimes that's the only viable option, and it is strange. Plus, so are we. Read More
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DLD 325: Flip-flopping along

The air travel industry is seeing policy changes at an incredible pace, often flipflopping between opposing positions with minimal warning. We're just trying to keep up… Read More
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DLD 322: …And then see what sticks

As has happened several times since the pandemic began airlines are shaking up their route maps with idea so crazy they just might work. So which new destinations will work this time around?? Read More
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