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DLD 383: Gettin’ Flighty with it

Flight status. Travel history. Connection updates. And lots more. That's the promise from Flighty, and we've got founder Ryan Jones on this week's show to talk about it. Read More
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DLD 382: Punch out

Hard to believe we're still saying this, but please stop being an asshole on airplanes. Or anywhere else, really. But definitely not on airplanes. Read More
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DLD 381: Masks begone!

The lack of appeal, perhaps, is the most interesting part. But the CDC mask mandate for travel is gone, thanks to a court ruling in Florida. Read More
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DLD 380: Finding faults

Who is to blame? And does it matter when you finally admit that? Plenty of challenges in the industry these days and more flight cancellations are coming. Read More
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DLD 379: Bucket o’ squirrels

No squirrels were harmed in the making of this episode. And we cannot explain why that is even remotely relevant. But here we are anyways. Read More
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DLD 378: Plus-ing it up

At some point "Plus" has to not be the default naming of whatever new thing a company comes up with, right? Alas, this is not that week. Read More
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