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DLD 266: Ultra ludicrous-haul

When ultra long haul just isn't enough, welcome to ludicrous haul. Plus some time spent with United executives, more delays from Boeing and more orders for Airbus. Read More
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DLD 265: A luxury CRJ200 experience

Is there such a thing as a nice CRJ200 ride? And why might a new world's longest flight be a bad idea?? Plus another top tier got harder to realize and LAX is moving its pickup zone outside the terminal loop. Read More
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DLD 263: A Hong Kong connection

With 4.5 hours to connect in Hong Kong there are a few options on the table. Sure, the first class lounges call, but a quick trip into town to chat with a friend can also be a smart play. Read More
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DLD 261: Silent Flight

Two airlines disappearing in a month is bad news, but that seems to be what's happening right now. Plus some loyalty changes in Canada and Australia and a silent ride over Oregon in a balloon. Read More
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DLD 260: APEX EXPO 2019–The hunt for news!

When APEX, AIX and IFSA get together there should be enough going on to generate some interesting news. Or, perhaps not. The annual Fall trade show bonanza was slow this year, but we still managed to find a few things to talk about. Read More
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DLD 259: A classless future

What happens when booking classes all go away? We should know soon, and this week's show has a preview from the inside. Read More
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