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DLD 408: Winter is coming

The semi-annual IATA seasonal schedule change happened last weekend, and it brings some fun and interesting new routes and slot opportunities to the industry. Read More
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DLD 407: No first? No problem!

What happens when you dupe consumers for decades with the confusing names between classes of service then make a change to a tiny part of the fleet? Fun times, indeed. Read More
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DLD 406: Mega investments

New cabins, new partners, and new fuels are just a few of the major investments airlines announced that we're talking about in this week's episode. Read More
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DLD 400: We suck at travel

It was supposed to be a quick weekend getaway for the crew. That didn’t work out so well. Also in this episode: Virgin Atlantic joins SkyTeam Eurostar’s Brexit capacity cuts Cleveland gets its European nonstop... Read More
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DLD 404: Podcast not not found

We considered just having this episode go missing, an homage to the HTTP 404 status code. But there's too much interesting stuff to cover instead. Read More
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