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DLD 190: Get your engine running, head out on the skyway

Aircraft engines are causing more than their share of issues these days. Failures on the ground and in the air are raising lots of questions. We're mostly about asking them, not answering them in this episode. Plus cabin retrofits, new planes, routes and more. Read More
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DLD 189: A bunk bed bonanza at AIX 2018

AIX is the place to be for a look at what the future of air travel will be. This year's show included bunk beds (even in economy!) plus a self-service cookie warmer. And lots of other things way more likely to fly at some point. Read More
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DLD 188 : Raging jealousy

Seth is in Hamburg, but Fozz and Stephan are debating what is the "east Bay" and what is the "south Bay". Riveting stuff. Chime in with your opinion. Read More
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DLD 187: In it for the (Ultra) Long Haul

Don't worry: This episode isn't nearly as long as the flights we're talking about. But with Perth-London service launched recently we're all about the very, very long flights. Plus, special guest Cynthia Drescher is back to join in the conversation. Read More
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DLD 185: A loyalty deep dive in Bangkok

What's next in the travel loyalty world? Time for a field trip to Bangkok to find out. The annual Loyalty Conference is always good for some interesting insights into the future of this industry. Read More
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