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DLD 284: Where there’s a Will

We talk a lot about planes and travel on the show and perhaps a little less about the people we meet along the way than we should. Today's episode is different. Read More
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DLD 283: Death by a a thousand cuts

We're trying to not just talk about the novel coronavirus all day, every day. But lately the challenges it creates have dominated the aviation industry. So we're talking about it again. But some other stuff, too. Read More
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DLD 281: A Boycott!

Major cuts extending beyond China and beyond planes. Plus old enemies are friends and another dream of beds in long-haul economy…C'mon in! Read More
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DLD 280: Alliance dalliances

A new alliance affiliation, a new secondary cities airline in the USA and unblocking EuroBiz middles: What does it all mean?!? Read More
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DLD 279a: Flying Breezy (fixed)

Is the US market ready for another commercial airline? Serial aviation founder David Neeleman is ready to give it another go, and Breeze hopes to fly later this year. Read More
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DLD 276: The Wuppertal* Episode

A quick getaway to Wuppertal was on the agenda this week. It vaguely worked, though none of the three hosts got to or fro exactly as planned. Read More
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