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DLD 235: MAX sadness and confusion

Lots of 737 shop talk in this episode, recorded on Sunday evening after the ET302 crash outside Addis Ababa. Our condolences to all those affected by the tragedy. Read More
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DLD 234: Paine with Pizza

Is it as aggressive a crossover as Avengers: Infinity War? Maybe not. But this week's show has DLD and MilesToGo producing a joint episode to relive the inaugural festivities at Paine Field and it sure was fun. Read More
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DLD 233: A little sketchy

Norwegian finally got out of Iran and American wants to spread some luxury around, if you're willing to pay. Plus, sketchy bookings now have a friendly home online. Read More
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DLD 232: Surprise!

What's in store this week?? Perhaps it is a surprise for everyone. Owing to some excitement in the recording and editing process we're all about to find out together! Read More
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DLD 231: Introducing the Statesider!

We're big fans of all things travel so when a couple of friends launched a new destination guide site we were interested. Welcome to the Statesider, a new take on US travel. Read More
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DLD 227: Not so fast!

A government shutdown and slowing airline expansion both take their toll. Plus an airline brand dies. But mistake fares live on! Read More
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