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DLD 368: Not so far flung

We shouldn't be here right now. We should all be there. But we aren't. And we don't even really know where "there" is. A most interesting predicament. Read More
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DLD 367: A Farewell to R32s

Slightly bizarre to have the lead topic for an aviation podcast to be a subway story, but we've never really been a normal group. Plus, we've got Jason on to talk about that and many other airplane-related bits. Read More
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DLD 365: TATL Tales

Lots of news in the Transatlantic market this week, with high hopes for Summer 2022. Lawsuits, and new elite status and maskholes, too. Read More
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DLD 363: Picking up the pieces

Sometimes the best plan when a trip gets complicated is to just walk away. Or at least strongly consider the possibility in the face of ever changing travel restrictions. Read More
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DLD 362: Oh. My. Cron!

A new variant of concern doesn't have us too concerned. At least not yet. Plus greenwashing, hub bluffs, and pilot retirements. Read More
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DLD 361: Thanks time

What are you thankful as the Thanksgiving holiday arrives once again? Probably not being involved in any of our first few topics is a good start. Read More
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