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DLD 218: Smoothing connections

A smooth connection in Seattle was unexpected. Smoothing connections in Africa might be useful. And Brexit likely means rough connections for millions. Hooray! Read More
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DLD 217: The Dumpling Run

Fly for the food, stay for the company, collect (or burn) some points along the way. Just a quick weekend trip to Hong Kong and Beijing from the USA, because we can. Read More
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DLD 216: A bet against JFK

Is American's new LAX terminal a bet against JFK? Why is Hertz joining SkyTeam? And what the heck is going on at British Airways?? Read More
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DLD 215: Can Clippy start an engine??

Engines, engines, everywhere! Even more of which are now broken. Plus many inaugurals and maybe your biometric security data will be sold to an airline or airport soon. Read More
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DLD 211: Speedy Delivery

In a growing industry where will all the planes go? SFO, MEX, AMS and many more are full while expansion options are limited. New catering, routes, boarding rules and a presidential 747 won't change that, but we talk about them anyways. Read More
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DLD 210: Not quite Philadelphia

Norwegian is finally ready to fly in Argentina and Primera wants more TATL. Plus United is doing strange things in Hawaii and lots more! Read More
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