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DLD 318: Building the new Aeroplan

How do you build a new airline loyalty program? We've got a couple guests this week from Aeroplan to talk about how their team pulled it all together. Read More
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DLD 315: Please don’t subscribe!

A loyalty points scheme not worth buying in to and another that surprisingly is. Plus an airline disappears, a very long flight returns, and lots more! Read More
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DLD 314: Shut your Pi hole

Earnings season is back, with billions burned and little in the way of optimism for the industry. But traffic continues to increase and route networks adjust, with airlines trying to capture whatever bits of the market they can. Read More
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DLD 312: In search of inaugurals

Booking inaugural routes is almost as fun as flying them, right?? Plus A321Ts parked, AirAsia Japan dying and United's November growth plans. Read More
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DLD 311: Farewell to the 580s

No, that's not a typo. We're mourning the loss of the Convair 580s from commercial service, now slated for next year, among many other things in this week's episode. Read More
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