US Airways offering free trial elite status or bonus PQMs with Club membership

September 24, 2012

Looking to join or renew your membership in the US Airways Club? There’s a promotion available this week offering a free trial Silver Preferred status as part of any enrollment or renewals. Valid through September 30, promo code CLBTR will get you 90 days of Dividend Miles Silver Preferred status and enroll you in their challenge scheme which allows earning it for the full year without the full annual qualifying flying.

A full membership is $450 annually, plus a $50 enrollment fee. Just signing up for the challenge directly is only $200. So it isn’t a particularly great bargain if that’s the only reason you’re doing it. But if you were considering the challenge and a club membership to go with it this isn’t such a bad deal.

The Silver challenge requires 10 segments or 7500 miles on flights operated by US Airways or US Airways Express in order to extend the status benefit through February 28, 2014. And, like directly purchased challenges, it cannot be used by existing elites or someone who dropped out after not qualifying last year.

If you’d prefer to earn 1000 Preferred-qualifying miles as part of your enrollment or renewal that is also an option through the end of the month. Use promo code NM100 for new memberships or CR100 for renewals.

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