Marriott announces new (slightly better) lifetime elite status requirements

December 18, 2012

The folks at Marriott have apparently finally decided that it is time to publish their Lifetime status requirements as part of their upcoming program year details. The lifetime program has been around for a while but apparently it was always unpublished. There have been a couple changes to the program – most notably there is no longer a minimum number of years of membership required – and the company is finally going to publish the requirements. Here is what they’ve got online right now:

Achieve a status milestone over the course of your membership and you’ll enjoy Elite status for a lifetime. You’ll still be able to reach a higher status—but you’ll never go below your Lifetime level. You’ll have the Elite experience, always.

Lifetime Milestones

• Platinum Elite: 750 nights + 2 million points

• Gold Elite: 500 nights + 1.6 million points

• Silver Elite: 250 nights + 1.2 million points

For more details, visit

The URL doesn’t work yet which makes sense sortof given that this is just the marketing copy that they’re working on putting out to their members. At the same time, their official reps have confirmed that these new numbers are the actual planned status levels so that info is accurate.

For loyal Marriott members this seems like a pretty decent opportunity to realize those levels. And the number of nights required for Silver and Gold status are the same as what Starwood requires. Not too shabby.

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