Use your Klout for a free day pass to the Admirals Club

May 7, 2013

American Airlines and Klout have teamed up to offer online influencers a free entry to an Admirals Club lounge. The promotion also includes the opportunity to win a free annual subscription. The gist of the deal is that Klout members with a score of 55 or higher can get a free day-pass as part of their entry into the contest for the free annual subscription; the day pass is valid through July 31, 2013. For lower Klout scores you still get an entry into the annual pass giveaway but not a free day pass. Also, anyone who want to sign up for a discounted membership can use the coupon KLOUT50 for $50 off the subscription price.


To enter the contest go to and then click the button to link your Klout account to AA. It doesn’t appear to me that they get access to much of your account data through the link, though I’m honestly not certain. Then again, it isn’t like Klout actually knows much about me anyways…


Not a bad deal for a free pass.

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