Get 500 free United points from Visa

June 24, 2012

Who doesn’t like free points, right?? I find it hard to get motivated for 50 or 100 freebies, but for 500 I’m usually willing to at least click the link and see what’s involved. In this case it isn’t a particularly new promo, but we haven’t shared it here yet and it is still valid, so…

Visa and United Airlines have teamed up to start offering “mobile offers” to MileagePlus members. You register your phone number and they start sending you SMS messages with deals. They will send up to 3 messages per week and, from what I’m reading, only when you actually use the Visa card which is associated with the registration.


Seems like a decent enough deal. Registration is open into October, so no real rush right now, but the points are there for the taking…

Registration is required. Go here to sign up.

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