First oneworld partner charts for Malaysian spotted

January 28, 2013

With the February 1 expected date for Malaysian Airlines to join the oneworld alliance rapidly approaching it looks like some of their future partners are getting around to posting earning rates for MH-operated flights. JAL seems to be the first in line, with the earning chart showing up online in the past day or two. Here’s a shot of the important part of the page:


Not so exciting to see so many fares earning only partial credit. Even more worrisome is that there are a number of even cheaper buckets – N, Q, O and G at least – which earn no credit at all in the JAL program. It is also a bit strange to see S listed as a revenue bucket as at least one source I saw suggests that it is an award seat, not revenue. If they are aligning with the other oneworld partners it seems that U and T or X would be the business and economy awards, respectively, so maybe S is revenue now.

Anyways, just one of several partners who will need to update their details by Friday, but it is a start. Expect others to follow soon enough.

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4 comments on “First oneworld partner charts for Malaysian spotted

  1. But how strong of an indicator is JAL for what other alliance members will show us?

    I am also interested as to how reward flights will be and if they will expand their market with the help of oneworld.

    • From what I’ve seen of other charts, Zach, it looks like JAL was a pretty good indicator. 🙁