A sneak preview of PointsHoarder 39: Out-takes!!

November 11, 2013

Some of our listeners have asked for out-takes and other behind-the-scenes bits from our shows. My response has generally been that we don’t have any because I don’t really edit anything out of the recording so what you’re hearing is what actually happened during the 40 minutes or so we’re live. Turns out that isn’t completely true. Oopsie.

Stephan handles the “official” recording of the episode and he generally starts that right before the intro and finishes it right after our sign-off so there isn’t anything extra there. For episode 39, however, I happened to record the entire call, including the bits before and after the main recording. There are some rather entertaining bits in there, too. And since we recorded early in the week I had time to edit a few of the out-takes together into a teaser reel.  Hope you enjoy!

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