DLD 136: The Schmear Sphere

on 4-06-2017 in Podcast

Early April means Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg and this is our traditional Expo-wrap episode. Guests¬†John Walton and Jason Rabinowitz join Seth¬†to talk about new seats, upgraded internet service and some other fun changes to the way you’ll be flying in the coming years.

Among the topics:

  • Recaro’s slidey seat partnership with Airbus could mean more flexible cabin layouts

  • Side Slip is not Slip-and-Slide but it is pretty cool. Also of questionable viability in the real world.

  • Seth was on the CS300 for a quick tour

  • Panasonic Avionics has some incredible new IFE screens on the market, including a 43″ 4K model that is expected to fly next summer.

  • Air Asia & Inmarsat teamed up for better/faster/more wifi
  • Airbus is talking A380 densification again, including new stairs and 11-abreast seating

  • Thales has a new IFE remote control that’s pretty damn cool


Enjoy the show!