DLD135: Action in Asia

March 31, 2017

(reposted because Seth cannot count)

We’ve got Josh Zepps back on the show this week which means more hijinks thank usual…get ready for some fun.

Among the topics discussed:

  • Sweet spots in Asia/Australia award charts, including making United’s silly Excursionist perk work in your favor
  • Singapore Hawker Stalls
  • American Airlines’ uniform woes
  • American invests in China
  • Delta & Korean are probably set to link up (after the recording this was confirmed)
  • The Westin Downtown Phoenix had some strange problems with the difference between $12 and $15

Enjoy the show!


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One comment on “DLD135: Action in Asia

  1. Travis Apr 1, 2017

    Hi gang- awesome show today. I am a big fan of the weekly format. I am so glad you didn’t talk about “the united story.” Stephen- you forgot to ask Josh Zepps about the Australian border control (TV show) and relinquishing your cellphone to immigration! Oh well- another great reason to have him back! You should link to John Walton’s article regarding the Cathay Pacific issues with the zodiac seats on runwaygirl.

    As boring as this is, I would really like a “what’s in my travel bag” edition for the podcast. Another topic could be about travel insurance (the type that is supplemental and not included with your credit card at purchase of your tickets, for example) and some benefits and when that might be useful (or if you think it is useful at all).

    Any follow up about Republic Airways? Reuters states they may emerge from bankruptcy in Q1 2017. I can’t tell that anything has changed regarding Billy Bishop airport either.

    Seth- whats the ETA on the Bombardier C series with Delta? What I read is sometime in 2018, which is a long time given how crappy and old Delta’s fleet is. Ugh, Bombardier press releases put the C series entering service with Air Canada in LATE 2019. I joke about trying Air Baltic or Swiss to try out the C series. I know I commented that I was excited about the MRJ and that airplane is quite delayed with its own issues as of now (nice article on RWG a few months back about this, Seth).