US Airways brings back half-price points

June 2, 2012

Want to fly long-haul premium class on the cheap? US Airways is looking to help you out with that once again. The airline is offering a 100% bonus on purchased Dividend Miles for the month of June, making them price out at 1.75 cents each. This makes a things like a business class ticket between the US and Europe at around $2000 ($1750 for the 100,000 points and then taxes/fees on the actual booking).

US Airways points are often considered reasonably valuable because of their membership in the Star Alliance network and their reasonable award chart. And with their regular deals like this one to sell the points outright at a reasonable price, the offering is all that much more appealing.

I am a tiny bit hesitant on the deal because of their efforts to acquire or merge with American Airlines and the potential impact that could have on the loyalty program, but I also know that such processes are slow and anything that would change on that front is not likely to happen in the immediate future. So if you’ve got an idea on using the points in the next few months probably no reason to balk at the deal.

Check out the US Airways partner award chart to see how many points you’ll need and then go book an award. You know you want to.

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