Thank goodness change is such a constant in this industry. Otherwise what would we have to talk about every week?

Maybe we’re supposed to say something in advance when the publishing schedule changes. Oopsie.

Sure, the conversations were great, but our plans for birthday festivities came up short.

Back on the road and exploring the world, with some thoughts on just how well that’s going overall and why we’re not in a huge hurry to do more of it too soon.

What happens when a guy nicknamed Black Cloud for his travel, erm, challenges goes for a run in Ahmedabad at 5am? Many things, including that we managed to get him as a guest on the show to talk about all sorts of fun, including the “real life, high stakes version of Frogger” which ensued.

Dear 2012: So long, and thanks for all the incredible experiences! This week’s episode is a (relatively) quick trip down memory lane for the PointsHoarder crew. We’re talking about a few quick news pieces (Air…