DLD 98: Will United Introduce EconomyBusiness?

December 17, 2015

I have to admit that I don’t really get the joke of the title for this week’s episode. I wasn’t around for the recording and haven’t listened to the full show yet. But, based on what little I’ve read in the notes, it seems like there are a lot of potential fun bits in play:

  • New LCCs in Star Alliance (ish)
  • The Lufthansa Group has new business class seats coming for its member carriers
  • United is dropping Dubai, just weeks after dropping Kuwait
  • American is launching a proper Premium Economy product
  • Alaska Airlines has a new preimum-ish seat option coming, too

And, if that’s not enough to keep you occupied, some discussion about what the guys are planning for next year.

Enjoy the show!

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2 comments on “DLD 98: Will United Introduce EconomyBusiness?

  1. While I haven’t listened to the Podcast yet, I’m waiting for someone to introduce an EconomyBusiness-like product. Imagine instead of 7 across Premium Economy at 38″ of pitch on a 787 (such as what AA is proposing), you go full 9 abreast with 50″-55″ pitch, full legrest, thick-ish seat with plenty of recline. Essentially, it would be used mainly for ultra long haul aircraft and would allow for a better sleep than what Premium Econ currently offers without reducing seat count much, if at all, compared to the PE footprint.

    • I’m not so sure that the design you’ve suggested is more efficient. If AA installs 4 rows at 38″ pitch that’s 28 seats. Going 9 across in the same space at 55″ pitch is only 3 rows so 27 seats.