DLD97: Fear or Fun – How do you travel?

December 3, 2015

This week’s show is a bit different from the usual, though still all the random banter and incoherent rambling. The “Destinations” segment is particularly interesting, I think.


Denver has a new on-property hotel and a bunch of new routes coming. That means some interesting competitive responses.


Finnair’s JFK-Helsinki route is far from normal right now thanks to a delay in A350 deliveries. Plus, more discussion of the new Denver routes.


What destinations will you NOT visit? We’re talking about being scared when you fly and what that’s like. Also, it probably happens more than you think.

Other Bits

The new AAdvantage program is on the agenda, as is the Emirates 2-cabin A380 with 615 seats, and the largest economy class IFE screens, on board.


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