DLD 96: All the Premiums

November 19, 2015

Premium Economy? Almost.

Premium Points? Maybe not for long.

Premium Layover? Absolutely!

We’ve got a special guest – Ed from PizzaInMotion – on this week’s episode talking about some fun stuff, including:


  • Toronto City Center saying no to Jets, again.




Istanbul is a spectacular place to take a layover or even spend a few days. Ed is looking at options there and Seth has a lot to say about that.

Other news:

  • Delta’s new ComfortPlus play is similar to a Premium Economy option, except the part where there is no extra seat width
  • You can earn a pile of IHG points just writing postcards. Or by getting your kids to do it for you.
  • Marriott and Starwood announced a planned merger, with lots of speculation on what it means for the future of the programs, points, partners and whatever else they can come up with. And maybe even a chance the deal doesn’t close.

Enjoy the show!



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