DLD 57: Frogger is more fun in real life

July 3, 2014

What happens when a guy nicknamed Black Cloud for his travel, erm, challenges goes for a run in Ahmedabad at 5am? Many things, including that we managed to get him as a guest on the show to talk about all sorts of fun, including the “real life, high stakes version of Frogger” which ensued. Among the other topics discussed in this week’s show:

  • Doha has a new airport and Seth passed through a few weeks ago. Definitely an upgrade from the old one but so many things still done badly.
  • Delta hosted a bunch of bloggers in Atlanta for a behind-the-scenes look at their operations. That sort of thing is always fun. (Read more; video, too)
  • JetBlue‘s Mint product is live and Seth was on the first flight. Stephan and special guest Brian talked about how it isn’t too convenient for their non-LAX/SFO west coast needs, but we mostly agreed that it is a great product.
  • Air India is joining Star Alliance next week; earning rates are starting to show up and United’s version is strangely generous.
  • United also is updating some of their catering, adding better beer to most flights and taking away garlic bread on a few others. We’ve got a calm, reasoned discussion on the topic.

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And a special thanks to Brian for joining us on the show. Read more about his latest project (and the reason he was in India) at MyFamGram.com.


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3 comments on “DLD 57: Frogger is more fun in real life

  1. Amol (@PointsToPointB) Jul 5, 2014

    If you enter AMD internationally, you can buy alcohol at the store duty free before leaving the airport and get a free liquor permit if you’re a non-Gujarat resident.

    • We saw the signs for the permit even in the domestic terminal. Didn’t bother as we didn’t really have time to figure out where to buy the hooch anyways.

  2. Amol,

    Thanks for the insight! I am sure Brian, Rolo, and Seth will definitely find this information useful if they have to make another trip to AMD!

    – Stephan