British Airways joins in the jumbo bonuses for TATL flights

September 27, 2012

British Airways has joined partner American Airlines in offering up big bonuses for high fare customers on transatlantic flights. The terms of the promotion are identical to those AA came out with a couple days ago. In short, earn 15k, 35k and then 50k for each return trip in high fare classes.

  • American Airlines operated flights: F, A, J, R, D, I , Y, B or H
  • British Airways operated flights: F, A, J, R, C, D, I, W, E, T, Y, B or H
  • Iberia operated flights: J, C, D, R, I or Y

It is interesting to note that the BA promotion is only open to members residing in the US or Canada, just like the AA promo. It is also nice of BA to finish their T&C list with this awesomeness as item 15: “Other significant restrictions apply.”

Gee, thanks.

Registration is required prior to travel. The promotion runs through 31 January 2013.

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4 comments on “British Airways joins in the jumbo bonuses for TATL flights

  1. The BA card also gives 10% off bookings ( and code: CARDOFFERU)

    • I’d be careful about the 10% off deal. Item #7 in the fine print:

      The following are not qualifying flights and this promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any offer, promotion, or deal, including, but not limited to: (i) redemption bookings; (ii) travel agent or airline industry discounted fares, Consolidator or Wholesale fares, group discount fares, child/infant fares or senior citizen fares, whether or not booked in one of the qualifying booking classes; (iii) bookings made with vouchers or coupons (e.g. shareholder’s discount coupon); or (iv) tickets upgraded from any class.

      You might end up losing the bonus miles.

  2. It’s a great promotion but unfortunately only available to Executive Club members with a residential address that isn’t within the UK.

    To access the promotion in other countries you just need to tweak the registration URL – ‘en_us’ deontes ‘English USA’ so all you need to do is to change ‘us’ to whatever country you’re in using the 2 digit ISO3166 country codes.

    • I don’t think that just changing the localization code will actually make the promo work in other regions. Make sure to read the fine print.