PointsHoarder 21: Did somebody say merger??

February 21, 2013


Wait, what was that? Everyone already knew that American Airlines and US Airways were going to merge? Well if that isn’t the most anti-climatic “big” story of the year then I don’t know what to say. Strangely, however, we managed to talk about it for a decent amount of time. In addition to the general merger details we talked about route maps, ownership stakes, mistake fares which seem to be associated with the announcement and odds that the legacy US/HP unions still manage to bollocks the whole thing up.

On a more unfortunate note, we also discussed the recently announced devaluation of the Marriott Rewards program and the news that Icelandair and Alaska Airlines will be terminating their partnership.

Good news came from Hyatt (new promo) and SPG/Delta and their Crossover Rewards program which very well may be the first announcement in some time of an “enhancement” to a loyalty program where all parties win. If you can think of a group who didn’t let me know in the comments and you could win something (no idea what because I just thought of this idea but I’ll try to make it interesting).

Oh, and I went to Istanbul for dinner while the rest of NYC braced for a blizzard. That was a fun time.

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