DLD 110: She’s on a boat!

May 26, 2016

We’re branching out this week (again) into cruise ships as Travel Journalist and Editor Cynthia Drescher is on the show. And not only are we talking about the Harmony of the Seas, the new largest cruise ship in the world, but Cynthia is on board while we’re recording, using the “fastest wifi at sea” (and it really is) to join the conversation. So the Dots, Lines and Destinations part of the notes might not make a ton of sense, but since when has that stopped us?


  • Lukla, Nepal is the dot because it has world’s most dangerous airport and Cynthia spent some time there plane spotting and trekking thanks to an incredible, customized trekking itinerary put together by Friendly Planet Travel.


  • Air India gets some air time this week with a couple of its flights. And it is mostly bad news other than the price.


  • Northern Japan has the snow road and it sounds pretty impressive.

Also, what the heck is SnapChat and how should Seth be using it? Because Cynthia is rocking it and Seth just doesn’t understand.



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