DLD 55: Inmates running the asylum

June 5, 2014

I wasn’t on the recording this week so I don’t entirely know what happened during the session, other than the bits I listened to during the editing. On the plus side, quite a few rants included in this episode, which is always fun.

From what I can tell these are some of the topics:

  • Why is Rolo looking for Brazilian Reals in NYC before heading south for the World Cup? And would you believe that Fozz has a second checking account just for travel? Turns out that the two answers are related.
  • Can Emirates make a go of it flying out of Dubai?
  • What airline would you choose based in New York City if you were starting from scratch?
  • Why is AA having such trouble with managing SWUs on reservations for both Fozz & Rolo?

Also, both Rolo and Fozz got the name of the podcast wrong. Multiple times. So there’s that.


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2 comments on “DLD 55: Inmates running the asylum

  1. chitownflyer Jun 7, 2014

    Here is some advice with regards to foreign travel and ATMs. In the US, open a Charles Schwab High Yield checking account which has no fees. You get an ATM card which lets you withdraw from ATMs around the world which will either avoid fees altogether or have any ATM fees refunded at the end of the month so long as the ATM states it accepts Visa, Interlink, or Cirrus. What is even better is the foreign exchange rates are often within a cent of the spot ForEx rate. Do call and provide Schwab with a travel alert by specifying the upcoming trip so as to facilitate use of the card when traveling.


    • This is great advice and I use my Schwab card for nearly all travel ATM transactions. I actually screwed up and didn’t bring my new card with me on a recent trip so had to use my Chase card. I’m not at all happy about the significant premium I’m sure I paid for that one withdrawal.