DLD 68: Gangnam Style

November 27, 2014

Because sometimes it just makes sense to go to Seoul, Korea and record an episode there instead of doing it in the USA. Also, Happy Thanksgiving. You know you’d rather spend 45 minutes listening to us than hang out with your family.


This week is a special show, added in to the mix because Stephan and Seth were in Korea and thought it would be a good idea to catch up on the show while there. And we did. We recorded in three separate sections:

  1. At a restaurant in Seoul’s Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market
  2. In our suite at the JW Marriott Dongdaemun
  3. Sitting on the stoop in front of Dongdaemun Gate

We’ve got tales from our journey, tales from what we did in town and even a bit of news on things like

  • United & Copa are breaking up
  • Delta just ordered a whole bunch of big planes
  • Chase Ultimate Rewards lost a transfer partner
  • And, as always, plenty more

The part where we recorded live and out on location means the audio is way more challenging in this episode. I did what I could to clean it up but it turns out there wasn’t a whole lot I could do. Much less than I expected, actually. Sorry about that. Hopefully y’all enjoy the show anyways.

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