DLD 233: A little sketchy

February 28, 2019

Remember that Norwegian 737 that diverted to Shiraz, Iran a couple months ago with an engine issue? She’s finally back after the embargo restrictions were relaxed enough to get a replacement installed.

Also in this episode:

And, as always, plenty more inside. Enjoy the show!

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3 comments on “DLD 233: A little sketchy

  1. John Kohl Mar 1, 2019

    Hey guys, can you match up your audio levels for your podcast discussions? One of your levels (Fozz I think?) was much quieter than the other two, I had to keep turning up the volume in my car to hear you and then turning it down to avoid being blasted by the other two.

    • Steve Mar 2, 2019

      Also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reduce the volume on the intro bells. It’s always loud as h*ck. Or at least drop the highs in the eq

  2. Steve Mar 2, 2019

    Dropping NRT for HND at IAH. isn’t that surprising, as there’s a few Japanese companies there. Daikin has a relatively new warehouse there for example (it’s massive). That said I think UA is really only cutting South America pax with international connections at NRT out of their own flight, and instead feeding it directly to ANA at IAH (tho that flight is way earlier than UA so maybe not?)

    Additionally I hope UA upgrades DEN-NRT up from a 788 since it’ll be one of the three hubs with flights to NRT. That flight is already always full (at least every time I check) and these changes will only mean more traffic for them.

    If you check out unitedtohaneda.com there’s an exhibit PDF there that has a ton of information on why they think they deserve the routes they’re applying for. Also small correction, LAX has second priority, IAH and GUM are third priority. FeelsBadMan.