DLD 234: Paine with Pizza

March 7, 2019

New airport terminals are relatively rare. Terminals that are truly new, not just upgrades of existing facilities are even harder to find. And a new terminal that instantly bring 24 daily flights to an area that previously had zero are like unicorns. This week we found that unicorn.

Paine Field is not a new airport but the commercial passenger terminal opened this week and it is all sorts of swanky. This week’s episode is focused entirely on the new terminal and service, and also features a somewhat different format than usual. We joined up with Ed from Pizza In Motion and the Miles To Go Podcast to record a joint episode because we were on the trip together and both really wanted the content.  And there really wasn’t any value in doing the same thing twice.

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One comment on “DLD 234: Paine with Pizza

  1. Steve Mar 11, 2019

    Thanks 🙂