DLD 247: Relaxing on the Veranda

June 14, 2019

What goes into the design of an airport? How do architects bridge the gap between here and there? We’ve got a special guest talking about architecture and design choices on this week’s show.

St. Martin-based architect Damien Richardson joins us on this week’s show, recorded on location at the Caribavia Caribbean Aviation conference in St. Martin. We chat about how airports are designed and built to blend the roles between airside and landside operations, especially in international environments and with business aviation. Bringing local elements into the design is one facet, of course, but it is more than just that.

We also talk about some favorite bigger airport designs and even the future of travel where airports are no longer really a thing to worry about. Enjoy the show!

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One comment on “DLD 247: Relaxing on the Veranda

  1. Jorien Jun 16, 2019

    Great Podcast! Congrats Damien!