DLD 254: Shut it down!

August 8, 2019

Airport runway repairs are always an exercise in logistics. But it is a whole lot easier if you can just shut down operations for a couple months without losing the flights. That’s what is happening in Milan this summer.

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2 comments on “DLD 254: Shut it down!

  1. Steve Aug 8, 2019

    LGA is actually closed overnight this summer for construction. I think the curfew is 10pm for flights, but apparently they waive it often.

    As for Hong Kong, the protests are normally held over the weekend and are in a certain area. Though they can sometimes spread. But who knows what will happen between now and February…

    Also, UA sometimes has GUM-HKG service, and they’re adding an additional SFO in Oct. 🙂

    • The UA GUM slot will be used for the second SFO flight; the GUM-HKG route will be dropped when that launches. But, yeah, it is there.