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What happens when Emirates and Singapore Airlines try to one-up each other with their first class suites products? Arguably passengers win, though we’re somewhat skeptical of the value of that victory.

Also in this week’s show:

  • The FlyingBlue program is going revenue-based for both earning and redemption in 2018. We all know why, but WHY??
  • United Airlines is no longer an operator of the 747. The company ran its final service with the 747-400 after 47 years flying various versions of the aircraft. It was a helluva party.
  • Emirates went shopping at the Dubai Air Show, though it wasn’t for the planes many expected.
  • World Airways is making a comeback, hoping to restart the brand with a new long-haul LCC focus that is definitely different. But will it work?
  • Smog can cause lots of problems but this may be the first time United Airlines has ever cancelled flights because of it.
  • Seth is in Chengdu, China this week and has some interesting observations on the relative price and quality of hotels there
  • Finally, if you’re interested in talking more about travel, loyalty, casinos and other ridiculous fun in person check out ZorkFest in Atlantic City on 2 December 2017. Seth is one of the people presenting and some registration discounts are still available.


Multiple aircraft types were retired from fleets over the weekend. From the 747 all the way down to the Fokker and Avro change is afoot. But lots of new stuff launched, too, so it is not all bad.

Also in this episode:

  • Singapore’s new T4 opened this week
  • Denver’s new terminal plans
  • United’s new award charts are now in effect
  • Southwest’s concerts in flight

There are tons of incredible things to see on a visit to Japan. Seth appears set to do roughly zero of them next week. Instead he’s flying around on a handful of Japanese LCCs. And he tries to explain why.

Also in this episode:

We accidentally recorded two different episode 163s this week so y’all get bonus content.

Stephan and Fozz tried to go to Taiwan a couple weeks ago. The many different ways that trip fell apart is impressive.


Airbus has a new(ish) plane starting test flights this week. The A330neo took flight for the first time over Toulouse this morning and, while many bits are similar to how the A330ceo works it is also a spectacularly new plane in far more than just the engines. So we’re talking a decent amount about that in this episode.

We’ve also got two special guests on this week, Jason and Jeremy, who spent some time last week chasing down old and new planes across Europe just for fun. Because why not spend a day visiting multiple countries and airports and exploring??


Hey, DLD listeners: We need your help, far more than just putting up with our regular ramblings (of which there are plenty in this episode).


Lack of power and water are only two of the problems many in Puerto Rico still face a month after Hurricane Maria trashed the island. Getting supplies in is not easy but there are some ways to help with direct support of the area. Operation Puerto Rico Care-Lift is one and Seth is directly involved, running the logistics of the operation for a few weeks. Can you help out, too?

Sorry for the delay this week; had some technical challenges that finally got resolved. The good news is that we kept adding content into the list of stories to discuss. Enjoy!

Among this week’s story:

  • Monarch is finally really out of business, with some interesting anecdotes around the process
  • Air Berlin is killing everything long-haul; EasyJet and Lufthansa are circling to pick up the pieces
  • American Airlines is never going to lose money again according to CEO Doug Parker
  • Qatar Airways is investing in an Italian airline. Because that always goes so well.
  • China Airlines is set to fly between Ontario, California and Taipei in Spring 2018
  • Cal Air/Elite Airways is flying between Las Vegas and Carlsbad, CA
  • Emirates and flyDubai are (finally) getting closer to each other, with codeshare operations starting later this month
  • Turkish booked a big order for 787s; we’re trying to figure out where they’ll all fly
  • Catalonia wants to be independent and Spain is (not surprisingly) opposed to the idea. And Seth is on the way there in a couple weeks. Oops.



Lots of routes dropping in the coming months, thanks to crew shortages, shifting travel demand and maybe even fleet challenges. Another “mistake” fare scuttled and some talk about cabin density and how that translates to profits, too.

Enjoy the show!

This week’s guest, Coleman Collins, is doing his best to make travel just a little bit healthier. But don’t worry; it is not an annoying “go to the gym more” spiel. There’s a lot more to it than that and plenty of opportunities to treat yourself better along the way.

We’ve also got the usual smattering of “normal” topics, including:

Topics in this week’s show: