Dots, Lines & Destinations

Exploring the world with points, miles and a bit of crazy

The aircraft slipping off the runway in Turkey this past weekend is our lead story but there is a lot going on in this week’s show.

Among the other topics:

Got poop? United Airlines was “lucky” enough to have a passenger go a little crazy and share some of his on board a recent flight.

Also in this episode:

And a whole lot more…

Awards are changing. Again. Some are going up and some are changing structure completely. Hooray!

Among the stories covered in this episode:

And a few other bits, too.


Collecting new lines is a big part of our play and two of the crew cashed in on that goal, flying a cheap(ish) Fauxlaris business class fare to Singapore on United Airlines, picking up both the LAX and SFO lines in the process. Alas, they let Stephan choose the hotel for the trip and that didn’t work out as well as they’d hoped it would.


A fire in Atlanta caused more than a thousand flights to be canceled over the weekend. That’s all sorts of bad news.

Also in this week’s episode:


After an aborted effort a few weeks back hosts Stephan and Fozz finally made it to Taiwan. They’re talking Polaris – the real thing, not Fauxlaris – LCCs and a whole bunch of other stuff. Also, they’re reasonably jetlagged, so that’s amusing.



Starwood & Marriott don’t have their systems together yet, but they will eventually. Is the slow merger of the loyalty programs good news or bad news for travelers?

Also in this episode:

It was an accidental joke while we were recording but the discussion of Lufthansa‘s new business class seat and soft product in this week’s episode brings up some interesting questions about the timing of the products in addition to the overall quality.

Also in this episode:


This episode has us on location for a recording in Chengdu, China, where pandas are in charge and boiling chili oil is a delicious dinner option.

Seth is joined by Blake, a friend of the show, to talk about travels in China and living as a Texan in some less common ex-pat destinations. In addition to the Chengdu bits we also talk about Saudi Arabia a decent amount since Blake spent a couple years there. Turns out thee are some nifty tourist sites that you’ll almost certainly never see, such as Mada’in Saleh.

On the China side we didn’t go too far off the beaten track in Chengdu but still managed to have some fun doing it. High speed trains and negotiating for a driver after arriving at the panda sanctuary was interesting. Even better was actually getting to see the Dujiangyan Irrigation System, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even if we did have to essentially run through it to not have our driver abandon us. The Leshan Buddha wrapped up our whirlwind tour and is where we ate, drank and recorded our episode.

Is Iceland really that popular in Texas? More premium routes and no more A380s are also part of the discussions. And be sure to listen for the poll/contest at the end!