PointsHoarder 10 – On the go in Singapore

September 6, 2012

In Episode 10 of the PointsHoarder podcast Seth and Stephan record in an airport lounge. Why? Because we can. Plus, we were wrapping up a whirlwind weekend mileage run trip to south east Asia and we had a few hours left until our flight was ready to leave. Listen in to get some thoughts on great dining options in Singapore and other things to do there, some of which were actually interesting (much to my surprise).

Length: 31 minutes

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6 comments on “PointsHoarder 10 – On the go in Singapore

  1. Singapore Flyer Sep 7, 2012

    You guys got it pretty accurate from a tourist and web somewhat local perspective. With that said, I’d move there from NYC.

    It was called satay club where you ate. Beer is expensive because there are “vice” taxes on alcohol and smokes. The mall is called Wisma and it is Lau Pa Sat.

    Surprised no one mentioned chili crab or black pepper crabs. Seafood is pretty good there. Eating is the national sport right after shopping.

    I would also go to Newton Food Center. My favorite tourist trap hawker center. The country can seem sterile because of the rules in place to manage the whole country.

    I would check out night safari, bird park and the zoo.

  2. Despite following the trip on the “twitter” I just now got around to checking the podcast. Great stuff as always. Big +1 for location themed podcasts, IMO.

  3. LarryInNYC Sep 14, 2012

    My favorite podcast so far because it is destination focused. I got to be a vicarious flaneur in Singapore. I liked the food focus as well. Singapore isn’t the most exciting destination in the world (it’s kind of like you never leave the airport at all), but it was still fund to spend a few minutes there.

    My only quibble — this was a mileage run, and you left out the whole value proposition (how many miles, what cost, CPM, where you found the info if it wasn’t a standard fare, and what Stephan was doing in business class).

    • Fair point, Larry. We didn’t include the value proposition details and for somewhat good reason. As far as mileage runs go the value was just OK. I think it was somewhere just over 4cpEQM which isn’t all that tremendous. As for Stephan being in business class, he chose to redeem GPUs for that luxury.

      • LarryInNYC Sep 19, 2012

        For age-addled novices like me, even the logic and planning around a mere 4cpm (which, from the little reading I’ve done at FT seems pretty decent to me) would probably be educational.

        In fact, you might consider dedicating a podcast or two to the subject of mileage running — each contributor maybe walking us through an example of a real MR they did: finding it, tweaking it for the maximum CPM, and what their experience was actually flying it.

        But, definitely keep up the destination-focused podcasts whenever possible.