DLD 50: AIX + special guests in Hamburg

April 11, 2014

Forget bonus points…the true awesomeness comes with bonus Dots, Lines & Destinations episodes! And we’ve got a bonus episode for you this week recorded on location in Hamburg, Germany. The Aircraft Interiors Expo 2014 ran from Tuesday to Thursday, offering up insight into the coming year(s) of what our travel experience will be like. Lots of the stuff is “pie in the sky” concept options which likely will never actually see the inside of a flying plane, but there were also a number of developments which will be flying soon enough. And we’re talking about all of it.


This episode is also special because we’ve got a completely different crew talking. In addition to Seth who plays the role of host this time around we’ve also got four of the best #AvGeek-loving, #PaxEx-focused minds in the world. Our guests are:

As the show wraps up on the final day many of the vendors are more than happy to unload all their goodies to avoid packing them for the return trip. In the catering hall that means lots and lots of free food and drink. We liberated a number of bottles of champagne and prosecco from the show and put them to use. Then we tried to talk about serious issues. See if you can identify the sound of the champagne cork popping mid-show as we refilled once again.

Lots of fun and some cool topics in play. Hopefully we’ll get the crew back together again at some point down the line and see if any of our predictions/expectations come true.

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4 comments on “DLD 50: AIX + special guests in Hamburg

  1. I think we should take this show on the road (perhaps with a little less champers next time 🙂

  2. Great podcast, as always. The ample consumption of champers that apparently occurred made me (a) jealous I wasn’t there and (b) convinced one must be drunk to discuss such depressing and horrifying developments in the future of airline seating.