DLD 52: A steamy conversation in the sauna

April 29, 2014

All four of us agreed that episode 51 was a bit slow. Not bad, really, but it was lacking a bit of excitement or intrigue. Last weekend I was in Seattle for the latest edition of Frequent Traveler University and I ran in to a few interesting characters who I thought would be fun to have on the show. And I also had a few drinks before we started recording. And said recording happened in the sauna by the pool area because I thought that would be a more quiet place to sit. It mostly was.

I’m pretty sure the episode is funny (in a good way), at least the bits I’ve listened to in the edit. Hopefully you agree. Or maybe I went a bit overboard trying to make up for last time. Oops.


The two guests are:

  • FirstClassQueen.com: He’s focused on “First Class Life Without The First Class Price”, and he’s got some spectacular stories to share. Oh, and he’s very much a queen. Tremendously funny and a great guy. Also on Twitter at @TheFCQ
  • Josh Weiner from People with Points: This is a B2B start-up company looking to help hotels which are not in the major chains establish a Cash & Points redemption scheme via the major banks. They’ve got technology and a sales/distribution model which they believe will allow them to sell distressed hotel rooms without compromising the brand (i.e. they won’t appear discounted like Groupon or other discounts) and also benefit the banks by removing points liabilities at a very favorable rate. Still very much start-up but they were part of the Launchpoint pitch at FTU and this was something of a continuation of that discussion.

And the three of us had a ton of fun. Hopefully you’ll have a similar experience listening to this episode.

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