DLD 92: The Biggest Boondoggle to Ever Fly

October 1, 2015

Welcome on board the Spruce Goose. Or, as we have been told to call it, the Birch Bitch. Turns out almost 90% of the plane is birch, not spruce. No wonder Howard Hughes found the name derogatory. This week’s episode features a special guest, Luke Fritz, and was recorded in part on the flight deck of the flying boat. Plus, some crazy fun stories about things like Aruba being boring and trying to sleep through an avocado storm. Enjoy!


It is SO BIG

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2 comments on “DLD 92: The Biggest Boondoggle to Ever Fly

  1. Sahir Siddiqui Oct 13, 2015

    Incredible that this is made of WOOD and can actually fly!