DLD 93: Hipster Beer in Portland. APEX, too.

October 8, 2015

Welcome to the annual APEX Expo episode, where we bring in some special guests and talk about the future of aviation as learned through the events at the conference. This time around the show is Seth hosting plus frequent guests Jason Rabinowitz and John Walton and we’re dishing dirt from the show. Plus some tasting notes along the way on a selection of (mostly) local beer sourced for the event.

We covered highlights from the show, including an announcement about early-window content on streaming IFE systems which has since seen a number of challenges and questions, new connectivity coming to Europe and some fun developments in the app market. We also flew on this incredible plane.


Also covered are the negatives, like the cat fights vendors try to play through the media and some poor scheduling of one session which allowed one guy to declare his company the future of the industry with virtually no opposition.

And, finally, there was some discussion on the overall trends we’re seeing in the industry. If I didn’t know any better I’d say the passenger matters a lot less than they used to.

Enjoy the show!

Oh, and make sure to wait around for the closing because I botched the hell out of that.

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One comment on “DLD 93: Hipster Beer in Portland. APEX, too.

  1. Carsten Varming Oct 17, 2015

    https://xkcd.com/149/ sudo make me a sandwich. 🙂