DLD 94: London Calling, or is it??

October 22, 2015

Welcome to the new and improved DLD. Or at least a version which tries to play to the name a bit. And so we’re talking about the three main topics with a bit more focus this week.

Hello down there, London!

Hello down there, London!


St. Helena is in the middle of nowhere in the Atlantic Ocean and it is about to have an airport. There’s all sorts of interesting associated with that.


Havana is getting some love from Delta for no discernible reason. And San Francisco is getting lots of love from United and the 787s. Plus there are some lines and aircraft shuffling up between Kuala Lumpur and Europe.


London is on the agenda this week and our crew is reasonably split on the attraction of the city. Is it a “must see” on everyone’s list or a dud?

The Rolo Rant

Why does AmEx have a “travel” credit card with very boor travel benefits? We’re talking through the Blue Sky card and it really is shitty.

Enjoy the show!



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2 comments on “DLD 94: London Calling, or is it??

  1. John Kohl Oct 23, 2015

    The 6 month limit for the redemptions is likely a limit between the posting date of the travel purchase and the request date to apply points as a statement credit, not an earnings/application time limit.

    • Ahhh…of course. That makes MUCH more sense.

      Still a strange card with limited upside compared to other options in the market.