DLD 91: You’re Fired!

September 17, 2015

Are we talking about the former United Airlines CEO Jeff Smisek or the British Airways 777-200ER in Vegas when it comes to that statement? Actually, a bit of both.


  • Emirates is rumored to be considering a flight to Mexico City from its Dubai hub. That’s even longer than the Panama City route just announced and possibly too long to work with the planes they’ve got.
  • American Airlines sent a non-ETOPS plane out over the water. That’s really, really bad.
  • One of the more random and esoteric “lines” is getting cut by SAS in October
  • Seth got the opportunity to walk around on the new Airbus FAL Factory Floor

Enjoy the show!


The incredible donut burger I had in Mobile, Alabama and which is discussed in the episode


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2 comments on “DLD 91: You’re Fired!

  1. DavidB Sep 17, 2015

    Smisek’s firing was part of the Bridgegate “scandal” which involves various charges of corruption again the New Jersey ex-Chairman of the Port Authority, Samson, a crony of Gov. Christie. I don’t accept the contention that there will be similar issues with the New York airports across he Hudson/East River and their airline customers as mentioned by Foss(?) in this episode. Samson is being investigated for dozens of such self-dealings by the Feds.

    • Fair enough. I’m not sure, either. But I respect Fozz’s view that there is corruption within the PANYNJ. Lots of shady activity overall happening and I would not be too surprised to learn that there was some untoward activity on the other side of the river.