DLD 153: What do Spirit and Lufthansa First have in common?

August 3, 2017

It is important to be comfortable while flying. But maybe getting naked it taking things a bit too far. Fights in the terminal and a nation collapsing are also on this week’s agenda.

Stories in this week’s episode include:


This was certainly not a part of the Spirit naked passenger incident, though it would be in Lufthansa First Class.

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One comment on “DLD 153: What do Spirit and Lufthansa First have in common?

  1. Joelfreak Aug 3, 2017

    I think you missed the obvious reason why passengers feel the need to video/photo everything. Every transaction is being recorded in notes that we don’t have the right to view, but are PROMISED include everything said (they never do), and we are all being recorded by cameras that we don’t have the right to access, but that will be used against us if we argue…if they are advantageous to the companies involved. A phone is our ONLY defense. I have been in situations where people refuse to give their name, and involved in transactions where employees just plain lie about being there. I wouldn’t put it past people having body cams on their person in the VERY near future. We have now entered the time of basically free storage, so this only will get worse. If employees on the front line can’t deal with being on a customers video, they shouldn’t be ok with being on their employer’s video.