DLD 295: Vegas is back!

June 11, 2020

The Las Vegas strip is open again. Or at least open-ish. It is a far cry from the typical levels of action and activity, but things are starting to come back and it is very different. But also very the same. We’ve got special guest Michael Trager from TravelZork on the show from his corner room at Caesar’s Palace for an update on the experience as the casinos came back to life.

Every coupe hours I think “Is this going to wind up killing me?” and I don’t love those thoughts. And then I have another double Woodford and then I forget about that.

Among the details we examine:

  • Flying on British Airways in these crazy times
  • How are US officials handling international arrivals
  • Differences in rules depending on the casino chain/owner
  • How are elite benefits/programs devalued during these unprecedented times
  • What services are – and are not – available in the casino hotels

Does the news out of Vegas make us reconsider our future travel plans? Perhaps a little. And probably not in a good way.

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