DLD 486: Searching for our App-y place

June 6, 2024

Something a bit different this week as Stephan and Fozz take a closer look at some airline apps.

For our Patreon subscribers we have some additional discussion on American Airlines and Vasu Raja’s departure from the company.

Enjoy the show!

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One comment on “DLD 486: Searching for our App-y place

  1. Great commentary on the web UX race to the lowest common denominator – this applies to so many experiences beyond travel.
    Delta’s app works for me. It stores trip and boarding pass detail off-line, although most of the app is interactive, the limitation has not been impactful to me.
    Southwest is still showing all options on one page, but points transactions functions are broken today (with pass-through auth. errors). After listening to this podcast, I tried the app and that interface worked. Thx for that hint.