PointsHoarder 17: Hotel downgrades, unless you're just that awesome!

December 13, 2012

Welcome to episode 17 of the PointsHoarder podcast. This time around we’re talking a lot about hotels. Why? Because three major chains all made changes to their policies in the past few weeks. Hilton, Hyatt and Priority Club all changed their rules, either related to qualifying for status or the benefits received. Most folks would consider them “enhancements” to the programs, though Stephan tries to convince us that they might be good changes. I’m not buying it.

We also spend some time talking about American Airlines, their newly inked and ratified deal with their pilots and the relative stability of American versus US Airways outside of a merger. At the time of the recording we had no idea that JetBlue would take our suggestion and go after US Air in their Philly hub; the new Philly-Boston service was just announced that this morning.

Show Notes

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3 comments on “PointsHoarder 17: Hotel downgrades, unless you're just that awesome!

  1. Pedro Dec 19, 2012

    Just wanted to let you guys know that I just discovered the podcast and I thin you do a great job! I a noob, just got into the game so I appreciate all the explaining. Keep up the good work and btw, I wouldn’t mind hearing an extended show on how to use ITA software. Thanks.