PointsHoarder 23: Partners are your friends

April 4, 2013

Partners are a key factor in maximizing value of points. This week’s episode talks about, among other things, two significant bits of partner news. First up, Alaska Airlines is finally offering one-way awards on partners; that’s a big upgrade in the MileagePlan program. The other major deal is that the Emirates/Qantas partnership is now online and, according to the people at Qantas, the benefits are huge to them. Oh, and some news on the American/US Air partnership/merger progress, too.

We also talk about new capacity at Narita and Trenton shutting down for a couple months, meaning Frontier has to cease operations during that time. Whoopsie.

I also managed to get a shameless plug for one of my new efforts into the show; check out Hack.Travel.

Show Notes:

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