DLD 148: MAX Plus Boom in Paris

June 29, 2017

Reporting on the Paris Air Show:

But at least it was scorching hot in Paris to lift our spirits in these discussions.




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2 comments on “DLD 148: MAX Plus Boom in Paris

  1. Bryan Jun 30, 2017

    Just a note from a newer listener to let you know I’m happy I found your podcast. I do enjoy the random topics you all cover and have enjoyed listening to the last several episodes. Some of the news or things you have talked about I had not heard about before despite following the airline and aviation industry pretty closely. One major thought is I am absolutely shocked in the difference in your production quality (comparing to Aviation Week’s Check 6 Podcast which one would suppose was a professional business is pretty much unlistenable as a comparison) especially when you are in different locations. One request however is to just cut the profanity as I actually find it unnecessary because it doesn’t actually add anything to your conversation. I’m no prude and we hear those words all the time but maybe just think about some sensitivities in your audience. Thanks!

  2. Bryan Jun 30, 2017

    The moment I hit submit I remembered another thought is that I appreciate your healthy skepticism. In this episode specifically in regards to Boom and the C-130 in the commercial market. Both unique and I’m sure we wish them success in the little niche markets, but unlikely to be revolutions. Instead of just fawning over the press release and the grandiose claims as many do, I appreciate you discussing the details and then saying probably not; like many of the unrealistic city pairs.