DLD 188 : Raging jealousy

April 12, 2018

Seth is in Hamburg, but Fozz and Stephan are debating what is the “east Bay” and what is the “south Bay”. Riveting stuff. Chime in with your opinion.

Also on tap this week:


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2 comments on “DLD 188 : Raging jealousy

  1. Regarding Bay Area geography, most people ignore the northwest orientation of the peninsula, and assume the bay stretches due north and south. So San Jose is in the “South Bay”, Marin County and points north are the “North Bay”, and Fremont to Oakland to Berkeley is the “East Bay”. Palo Alto and San Mateo are “on the Peninsula” leading up to San Francisco. Sometimes you also hear places like Campbell and Los Gatos and Cupertino referred to as the “West Valley”.

    If you want a good bar bet, you can ask whether Stanford or Berkeley is further east. It turns out Stanford is further east because of the angle of the peninsula.

    • NYC is similar with Manhattan at an angle but everyone just assuming the grid is correctly aligned to the compass.