DLD 237: Wow, ‘Dam MAX Jet!

March 28, 2019

A pair of airlines under massive financial pressures faced different investment outcomes this week. Still, the long term prospects for WOW Air and Jet Airways both remain unclear.

Also in this episode:

  • Will the Amsterdam – Brussels route see flights banned? And could integrated rail service help address connecting issues?? Maybe even a hyperloop play involved.
  • Jet Airways finally had its founder step aside, helping pave the way for a fresh round of capital to be invested. But with so many planes grounded – including the international fleet – the outlook is bleak.
  • WOW Air’s future is even more tenuous. Multiple investors have walked away and odds of finding the additional $41mm needed to keep flying seem low.
  • Kansas City is getting a much needed new airport terminal, with the groundbreaking held this week. Yes, it is expensive. Seth makes the argument that it is a smart investment.
  • Does the grounding of the 737 MAX spell the beginning of a decline for the commercial aviation world? A recent piece in The Air Current argues yes. We’re less convinced.
  • Oh, and a British Airways flight went to the wrong airport.
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2 comments on “DLD 237: Wow, ‘Dam MAX Jet!

  1. Just a quick point— both PHL-JFK and PHL-EWR are gone now.

    Having the JFK connection was actually super useful for international travel. It’s a PITA to get to via transit from Philly (subway, Amtrak, subway, airtrain), and so the flights were actually a timesaver.

    • Yeah…we should’ve been more clear that those were past routes for slot squatting. But it still was impressive they existed.