DLD 344: 49 States, and then some

July 29, 2021

How long does it take to fly through each of the lower 48? Our guest this week did the trip as part of training for a pilots license and it was an incredible adventure.

Caroline Lupini took some time during the pandemic to work on getting a pilots license, but didn’t want to just do circuits at the local airport. So instead she set out with a friend (and flight instructor) to establish a new record for the fastest path through the Lower 48, including a landing in each state. And the stories she has to share from the trip are pretty awesome.

Oh, and they went to Alaska, too, so the trip really covered 49 states.

Also in this episode:

Note: There were some issues in the recording and we talk over each other more than normal. Sorry about that. Hopefully everything still makes as much sense as it ever does.

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