DLD 59: Overrated

Which first class lounges are worth going out of your way for? Also, a new safety video, new IFE coming to Delta and Virgin America might go public. Plus, special guest Josh Zepps.Read more

DLD 58: Adventures in IROPS

Things don't always go as planned. We usually recover better than others, even if there is a bit of chaos involved. Still, it is not too common that a simple round-trip requires 10-ish different bookings to make it happen. Oopsie.Read more

DLD 57: Frogger is more fun in real life

What happens when a guy nicknamed Black Cloud for his travel, erm, challenges goes for a run in Ahmedabad at 5am? Many things, including that we managed to get him as a guest on the show to talk about all sorts of fun, including the "real life, high stakes version of Frogger" which ensued.Read more

DLD 54: Come sail away with us

This week we're taking a slightly different tack to the show: We've got Cynthia Drescher, Jaunted's Managing Editor, on the show and she's going to convince us that crossing the Atlantic might be better on…Read more