DLD 59: Overrated

July 31, 2014

Which first class lounges are overrated? Depends on your point of view, obviously, but we’ve got a special guest on this week and he’s not too happy about a couple which are oft raved about in the online community. Josh Zepps, host of HuffPo Live, talks about those lounges and other bits of his RTW adventures in first class based on awards booked via United before the last devaluation and also in Qantas first class.

Also on the agenda this week:

Lots more in there, too, as always.

Enjoy the show.

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One of the lounges our guest thinks is way overrated. Do you agree??

One of the lounges our guest thinks is way overrated. Do you agree??

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2 comments on “DLD 59: Overrated

  1. SLC – AMS makes sense. I’m SLC based and have taken the SLC – CDG flight, that one is always full or close. SLC captures much of the west, especially the intermountain west. I won’t complain either about more award space (I know, skymiles are horrible) to Europe and beyond, especially on a non-stop from SLC. Anyway, I’m glad to see this.

  2. Regarding Virgin Australia’s withdrawal from MEL-LAX. They will use the extra planes to do BNE-LAX daily up from the current 4x weekly. The rumor was also that Delta (VA partner) might do something into MEL at some stage.