DLD 60: Happy birthday to me!

August 14, 2014

So long as they keep letting me create the titles I promise they’ll continue to be nonsensical, whimsical or just plain strange. You’re welcome.

On the agenda for this week’s episode:

  • Do you fight over the armrests with the passenger in the middle seat? If so, you probably don’t do it like this (though maybe you should). We’ve all been there and it always sucks.
  • Rolo‘s flight from Madrid to Newark was delayed a long time. Maybe it was a mechanical issue, maybe it wasn’t. Either way, how do the EU rules apply in this case? Sadly, things are confusing enough that it is hard to know for certain.
  • Rolo spent some time in Croatia and Austria last week. Some fun destination info on offer there.
  • Delta’s upgrading their lounge food offerings, including soups made specially for non-elite passengers. Fozz even got the joke eventually.
  • The latest outpost of the burgeoning American Express Centurion Club empire has opened at LaGuardia. Outside security in the Central Terminal.
  • Airlines for America, the lobbying organization run by the US-based carriers, actually managed to convince Congress to pass their so-called Transparency in Airfares Act. I think that title is bullshit and have not been shy about that view. Someone on Twitter tried to convince me otherwise, which I thought was an entertaining conversation until I found out he actually is an employee of the group. Now I think it is ridiculously funny.
  • I went flying for my birthday. Just a fun jaunt up to Hyannis and back from JFK. Good times.

All that and more inside this week’s episode.

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Departing Hyannis; awesome little runway there.

Departing Hyannis; awesome little runway there.

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