PointsHoarder 43: The Apology

on 1-23-2014 in Airlines, Elite Status, Lounge, Lounge, Podcast, Points

Sometimes it is hard to say “I’m sorry.” In this episode, however, we prove that all of us can manage the phrase quite easily. See, it turns out that in PointsHoarder 42 I gave some bad advice. Fozz questioned me on it and I insisted. And I was wrong. Whoopsie. A few of our listeners caught the error and brought it to my attention and so the retraction is included in this episode. Of course, that also started a bit of a snow ball effect throughout the rest of the discussion, but I think it turned out OK.

This episode was recorded with all four of us together in Vilnius, Lithuania on an annual drinking trip we do (Episode 19 was similarly recorded last year in Budapest). As an added bonus, I provided refreshments for the group so there was a bit of a beer tasting happening throughout the recording. Make sure to listen for our thoughts on some of the more readily accessible Lithuanian brews (by which I mean they were at the checkout counter at the grocery on the corner), including a few from Kalnapilis and one from Švyturys. The Švyturys was my favorite, though we had more beers later that night which were much better.


Oh, there was also a podcast where we talked about travel and points and such.

  • United is forcing furloughs on a bunch of flight attendants from the legacy United side of their operation. That has, not surprisingly, caused some crazy discussions out there. One of the more entertaining bits (to me) is the letter from United to the Union head. Worth a read.
  • We also talked a bit about the impending United award chart changes. We’re a week out from the changes happening so that’s going to suck. And then we talked about a couple ways it might be possible to get around the changes.
  • Delta is jacking up their rates for lounge access. A lot. Welcome to supply and demand. Sucks. There was discussion of booze in United Clubs, too. That also sucks.
  • And United cancelled a few Airbus narrow-body deliveries. That’s probably a good thing.

Plenty more to listen to in the episode. Enjoy!

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  1. Around 28 minutes in, the claim that Continental’s systems can’t reprice tickets mid-itinerary seems false, in my experience. I’ve now changed several UA awards mid-itinerary, while at my stopover and been able to reprice things.

    • Thanks for that, Chris. I thought I mentioned during that part of the discussion a similar situation I had personally where they fixed an award for me en route and repriced it but I guess I was too caught up in the beer tasting. ­čś«


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