PointsHoarder 44: Did you say Bieber??

February 6, 2014

So, what did Justin Bieber do after nearly being arrested for smoking pot on a charter flight to Teterboro prior to the Super Bowl? Go out partying with PointsHoarder’s producer Rolo, of course! That’s just one of the stories on tap in this week’s episode of the PointsHoarder podcast.

Also in the show:

All that and more inside this week’s edition!

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One comment on “PointsHoarder 44: Did you say Bieber??

  1. Re Virgin Atlantic getting out of Australia… virgin australia passengers are well served to Europe by Singapore and Etihad. QF folks would probably never consider VX in the first place. Which leaves the outbound Brits with allegiance to VX as the only ones with any loyalty reason to choose this carrier. Rumour was their loading was never high past HKG.